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Kareem Bellamy Freed After 13 Years In Prison For Murder


Exonerated over time

From brothers being freed after 25 years of lockup to the Salem Witch Trials, we've compiled a list of cases that were corrected over time.

Highers brothers

Abiding by a request from their lawyer not to "hoot and holler" upon hearing the news, brothers Raymond and Thomas Highers walked out of a Detroit courthouse as free men on Sept. 26 for the first time in 25 years. The Highers were convicted in 1988 of fatally shooting Robert Karey the year before, a crime they insist they didn't commit. Circuit Judge Lawrence Talon threw out the brothers' first-degree murder convictions based on new testimony from witnesses who didn't come forward at the time. One witness, John Hielscher, said he was frightened to say anything at the time and that two decades passed before he learned that the Highers had been convicted.