Free Robert Haji Jones

Help us undo a grave miscarriage of Justice

The Story

"You can not know true strength of your faith until you have been tested."


The Crime Scene

My name is Robert Jones, I have been incarcerated for nineteen years for a crime I did not commit nor knowledge of happening. At the time of my wrongful arrest my daughter was six months old. She is now 19 years old. At the sentencing I told the Judge that I was innocent. (Click here)

On September 9, 1994 Antoine Stone, my friend was fatally shot at the intersection of Mott Avenue and Eggert Place, Far Rockaway, New York. In March 1996 I was found guilty for this murder and given a life sentence.


While in prison I earned my GED. I now mentor other inmates in our GED program. I am a boxer and teach boxing to others as well.

Through God's mercy and years of letter writing seeking help I found a law firm, Thomas Hoffman, a solo practitioner and Gibson Dunn, an international law firm that believes in my innocence. They are now helping me to undo this injustice so I can regain my liberty and be with my family. Hence, we have recently filed a Motion to Vacate the Judgment. The Hon. Joseph A. Zayash has granted a hearing which will likely be scheduled for later this year.


Both eyewitnesses have provided affidavits that they were pressured into making the identifications (click here). The Queens District Attorney's Office has refused to conduct an independent investigation of these allegations that have been made. Prosecutors will not look at these cases even when there is significant evidence that proves otherwise.


I have lost both of my parents while in prison. Nevertheless, my silent prayer is to rebuild my life. We are not asking for donations or money. We are
asking for your moral support.

At the hearing I hope to have the courtroom filled with supporters who
believe in justice. Please help!



In closing, I thank you in advance. If interested or should you require any
additional information please contact my lawyer, Thomas Hoffman at

(212) 581-1180 or (917) 589 6156 or bye-mail at